Ultimate Guide to BDSM Position


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When 50 Shades of Grey came up it stirs up hype in BDSM and when it died down the whole bedroom were left in suspense. Many people started seeking for how to go about BDSM. Even married ones that got influenced and obsessed wanted to know more about BDSM.

Here on the Fantasy world, we have decided to open up our followers to an ultimate guide to BDSM positions. Knowing about BDSM is not the only thing, but getting to know the right positions and styles incorporated in BDSM is the spice!

This guide stands as basic rules for BDSM positions. Here is a compilation of the ultimate guide to BDSM position.

1.       Remove the ties

What comes to the mind first when BDSM is brought on the table is cuffs and restraints, which is also applicable to bondage. If you do not know the right way to tie, you might end up tying up yourself up in knots.

If you make a wrong tie a single pull might lead to a great catastrophe. If you are not good at tying ropes, it is advised that you make use of something soft like wrist cuffs, silk tie. Make sure you don't try to make a tie in the wrong way else you might end up being charged for assault.

2.       Use the right bed frame

Once you and your partner have the desire to go into BDSM, know that your bed would be a useful tool. Now it's for you to check out if your bed is strong enough to binds and anchors to your partner too. If this is what you really want to enjoy and explore then check out for any strong material in your yard that can be utilized to hold down bonds and anchor on your partner. Make sure the binds and anchors are firm on whatever you choose to use.

3.       Have respect for your partner

Try to never force your partner into BDSM. If you apply force, then it's no longer BDSM but rape. Both parties need to come into an agreement before tying can take place. Even before you go ahead when you have both agreed to do BDSM introduce a safe keyword. Do your best to stop immediately the keyword is said. Try to choose a word that is not your everyday talk so that as soon as you hear it you can be clearly sure about it. Once the safe word is said, untie your partner and continue with other kinds of sexual activities.

4.       Choose a role

Decide who will play the role of a dominant or submissive. It might be a bit difficult to know what role you are good at if you have not tried BDSM before. Both of you can try playing as dominant and subs to see which one you fit best in.

Quality sex is all about exploring and knowing what fits you well. You might want to be the dominant only to find out that playing the role of a submissive fits you best. So it's good to try out both roles to know which one is really for you.

5.       Tell your partner exactly what you want

You want to play the dominant? Tell your partner what exactly you want him to do.  Though it might have been discussed before now, it can also come as a surprise. In this case, you don't ask, just command and don't use words like thank you or please. If you want your man to enter you from behind say it exactly without mincing words. But if there is any sign of unwillingness, bring everything to a stop. BDSM is consensual.

6.       Don't take alcohol to boost your mood

Everything about BDSM needs total sober. You might be lured to take a little or large quantity of Dutch courage. Taking alcohol or being drunk might push you far to crossing your limit and you might not listen to safe words again because of the influence of alcohol. You may feel like you are doing great but you are only crossing limits and breaking the rules.

Get the right tools for BDSM

Immediately you have tried out BDSM and see that it suit you and your partner, the best step to take is to get the appropriate BDSM tools. There is no limit to the kind of stuff you might want to buy. Get the right spanking, tieing and blindfolding tools and sex toys so that you and your partner can comfortably enjoy full BDSM.


Generally, sex is all about having sweet and pleasurable moments. Everyone is supposed to enjoy BDSM to the full. But always have it in mind that is your partner is not in agreement with you don't take any step into BDSM. Always try to make sure you both understand what you are doing and carry each other along with how you feel. Have fun on your BDSM trip.

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