5 Rules for Spanking Sex

Here again on the Fantasy World we are always looking for ways to spice up your sex life and become the fearless boss you dreamed of, especially in for the beginners. In this article we have 5 simples rules for spanking sex we want to release to our community and site visitors. Spanking sex of sexual kink no matter how it's called is just the same and we are here to give lovely tips on how you can dominate the spanking sex escapade.

According to our research and experience, we have noticed that spanking the number one kinky sex that every woman urge for and want to give it a try. More than 90% of women see spanking as a huge turn-on. But the fact is if you have not tried it before you can start watching our spanking videos on the Fantasy World, so you don't end up scaring the happiest moment away.

In this article, we are going to expose 5 that you can incorporate into your spanking routine to give your woman the highest pleasure ever. Read further to get more insight, don't forget to follow up latest spanking videos on Fantasy World to get more updates.

The 5 Ultimate Rules of Spanking Sex

1.       Find your starting point

You need to understand first where you need to pick up from. Know the basics of spanking and why it is pleasurable. Spanking to women require total submission and you are fully in control of everything. Remember that childhood punishments started with spanking at the buttock. Naughty children get spanked. So how in the spanking sex scene, she is the naughty child while you are the parent. How would you them punish your naughty child?

Spanking centers on this concept "punishment" but in a lighter mood or teasing punishment. To start this, you need to take it slowly, because you wouldn't want to make her feel pain. Since most women enjoy spanking you don't need a formal discussion before you can try it. Try it softly and gently with light tapping on her buttock or you can grab her butts and give her a light spank immediately. This is the first rule to spanking sex. Now let's move on to the next.

2.       Note her response

Communication is highly important in any sexual activity. Without communication, both parties won't feel much pleasure as expected. So when you start spanking with a new partner you need to observe her response or body language and you will know where to continue from there.

Something you are to look out for include the following:

·         Check of she responded with moaning or a grunt.

·         Did she seem to like having more of it when you spanked her?

·         Did her breathe increased rapidly?

·         Watch her facial expression, is she feeling strange or biting her lips?

·         If you think you are not really sure about her facial expression, them ask her if she likes it or you try spanking her harder to ascertain her reaction.

What if she is wanting it, what should be your next take?

Don't think about what to do next, spank her a little bit harder than the formal one. If she is liking it, then you can begin your adventure into real spanking sex.

3.       Make an experiment with alternatives

You can start the adventure in doggy style with the girl being on top which is actually the least of all.

You want to really explore? Then try giving a role in your spanking escapades. What kind of role? You might want to ask...

The popular cliché is that you are a teacher and she is a naughty student. Make her lay on your lap and spank her. Try to increase the hardness of the spanking each time. Ask her repeatedly if she is the naughty girl and each time she responds know she needs more than ride on and spanks her harder.

Note that experimenting this with costume might be a bit expensive but it can add more fun to it. Also, note that she can do the spanking too. As a guy, if spanking is what you think you would like, you can make her enjoy playing the dominant role.

4.       Try using toy

Absolutely, your hand can do a great spanking job but trying to use other kinds of stuff might add a great deal of pleasure. Experimenting with a small flat paddle can do it. It's just about being innovative. If you don't have a paddle, you could try a spatula or try to use an old magazine I'd possible. With this done right, you are up to spanking her into real orgasm. So what do you do next?

5.       Go, Harder

Continue to spank her buttock harder and don't forget that the right spanking goes upward with your hands cupped and fingers fit together or if you are using a spatula or paddle, hit harder till she reaches her orgasm.

Final Conclusion on Spanking Sex

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