Exclusive 10 Best Bondage Positions

Hello to all our community members and visitors. At this point in time, we have been able to see massive follow up on our videos especially on our bondage videos and we are so excited to spice up the week with this lovely piece. We know our readers' community are expecting something fresh. So the Fantasy World editor has decided to give insights on 10 hottest position anyone would love to play with their lovers or partners. We hope you find this so interesting and exciting. Continue reading to see how to unleash the dragon in you the next time you are having that sensual moment with your partner(s).

10 Hottest Bondage Positions You Can Try

These positions will make both of you enter into the mainstream of fantasies, far into a great height of pleasures and gain full satisfying orgasm. Remember to be careful in these positions. Beginners are to take it slowly, you can use your full speed when you might have gained mastery of the positions.

  Eiffel Tower:

This is a position where the legs are widely spread apart and the hands are tied together straight above the head.  This position can be gotten by either standing or lying down. Make sure the wrists are secured neatly and the legs are firmly separated by a spreader bar or a piece of furniture at both sides.

This position also paves way for easy stimulation and penetration on the subject.

2.       Ball Tie:

This position is a classic one where the subject is tied like a ball. You can lie down with the legs bent at the knee until it presses against the breast or chest and the heels are at the buttock. In this position, your arms are tied behind your back. Some individuals prefer binding the ankles together while some bind them separately and connects it to the wrists at the back.

This position widens the thigh more apart from each other, allowing the dominant to have full penetration and all-around stimulation on the subject.

3.       Spread Eagle:

This position is a lovely one especially for bondage BDSM. You do not have to be really flexible before you can be tied spread eagle and no special skill needed. This position makes it possible to reach the genitals either for penetration fondling. Also, it makes the breast reachable. One can be tied into a breast harness or a corset while in this position. This position (spread eagle) can be done with your captive held horizontal on the bed, lie in an 'X' shape. With this, you can easily cuff their hands and their ankles properly. If you want to spice it up, you can choose to tie them vertically in the same spread-eagle style either on the wall or using a standing crucifix.

4.       Hog Tie:

This is a position in which you are already on your stomach and your partner ties your hand behind your back. Also, your ankle gets tied in a way that the ankle and the wrist are pulled together arching your back a bit. This position leaves the genitals open and from behind and stimulating and penetration can easily take place. Even the breast can be reached from beneath. This position makes you feel like a rider, so you ride into heights of pleasures.

5.       Box Tie:

This is a familiar position for bondage scenes. The arms are tied behind the back at a 90-degree angle with the elbow bent. The can be actualized by binding the wrists together and looping the rope around the subject's shoulder.

To spice this up, you can combine it with a leg tie.

6.       Chair Bondage:

This is a good position for a lap dance or stripe tease. A beginner can easily carry out this. One may need a straight chair with an armrest. Get the subject to sit on the chair, tie each ankle to the opposite chair leg and the arm also is tied to the armrest. If the chair is not with armrest, the arm can be tied behind the chair.

7.       Jackknife:

This position keeps an individual bent over so the wrists can be bind to the ankles. You can further keep the subject immobile by binding the knees together or by binding the elbow together. Note that individuals with large breasts or big tummy might not be comfortable in this position for a long time.

One of the fun of this is that the subject's buttock remains open for penetration, stimulation, and Spanikng plus other kinds of activities.

8.       Reverse Prayer:

This position needs a bit of flexibility and it's not for all. It is similar to the Frog Tiesnams Lotus. This position requires the hands to meet with the palms together like in a praying manner and tied behind the back just like the Box Tie.

9.       Lotus:

This is like a yoga position where the legs are folded with the feet inward to the crotch and the arms are bound behind the back. This particular tie requires the subject to be a bit flexible. Some partners may not find it comfortable to stay in this position for so long, while some may be able, it varies from individuals.

10.   Frog Tie:

This position is mainly for the legs. The legs are tied into a frog-like position. The subject kneels with their calves resting against the thighs. In that position, the legs are tied the wrists can be tied to the outside part of the thighs. This position keeps the leg apart and this is a hot one for a clitoral, virginal or penile stimulation and penetration.

A solo bondage individual can easily get tied in this position.

Our spanking Opinion

I'm so sure it has been an interesting read for you and you might be prepared to select some of these positions for your submissives. One thing we always emphasis on is safety first! If you are sure that you are not competent in using knots in ropes please look out for more user-friendly binds.

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