Taking a BDSM test is something that everyone should undergo. It helps to test the kinkiness in an individual and not only that, it helps one monitor the rate of his or her BDSM activities.  Generally, going through a BDSM test brings an individual to understand the thin line between sexual violence and being able to know that BDSM is a consensual routine honoring the right of every individual involved in it. This is just what differentiates it from domestic and sexual abuse.  When it comes to BDSM test, no one is exactly the same. However, some individuals have been traced to have a kind of similarity or archetype which also varies in each individual. When the test is taken one would then able to state what level of BDSM he is.

Know the BDSM Partner That You Are

Taking the test also will make an individual know what kind of a partner he or she is. One can be a dominant partner in BDSM; a dominant partner always likes being in charge and most dominant partners like it when their partners obey them without any question. One can be submissive in BDSM; submissives are BDSM partners that love giving all their control to their partners without any form of restriction. One can be a sadist partner; sadist partners are those partners that love inflicting pain in their partners during sexual activities.  One can be a masochist; masochists are those partners that love pains and attain orgasms by receiving pain treatments from their partners. One can be a rigger; riggers love tieing up their partners with ropes, cuffs or some kind of restriction object during sexual activities. One can be a rope bunny; rope bunny is partners that enjoy being restricted either by ropes, chains etcetera during sexual activities. One can also be a master or mistress; these kind of partners are a step higher than the dominants. They exercise their powers always except in certain conditions. They make sure that their slaves haven a suitable environment to serve them better and they take care of the responsibilities of their slaves for their own betterment. There are also the slave partners; the slaves serve either their masters or mistresses making and completely surrender their whole responsibilities to their master and the slaves are a step further than the submissives because they totally surrender their personal control over to their masters both within and outside sexual activities. There are a whole lot of partners in BDSM activities. Other kinds of partners include Degrader and Degradee, Owner and Pet, Brat tamer and Brat, Hunter and Prey, Daddy/Mummy and Boy/Girl, Ageplayer, Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Non-monogamist, Experimentalist, Vanilla, and Switch. All these partners have their distinct roles in BDSM. It is very important to know the kind of partner that you are so you can easily blast through the test and know your BDSM level. Moreso, the simple fact is one still can't get to know the kind of partner he or she is without taking the test. At the end of a BDSM test, one can really know his or her BDSM level and the kind of partner he or she is.

Want To Be Sure Of Your BDSM Level?

Are you still in the dark about your BDSM level? It is time you get to know it and what you should know about this is that, undergoing the test is fun and educative. The BDSM test will help you to know the kind of kinkster that you are. Still confused about your BDSM level? Take the BDSM test. Don't judge yourself by your partner's BDSM test results, it is personal, so you need to take the test yourself to understand who you are in BDSM. Taking the BDSM test will expose you to the real you in reality. Also, this will enable you to invest more in yourself according to your BDSM test result. The BDSM test is advisable for beginners and also, experts are not exempted. The test will make experts keep track of their BDSM level. But to a beginner, it makes them understand their BDSM level and being able to control and master it.

Major BDSM Questions You Might See During BDSM Test

BDSM, in particular, is a broad topic to deliberate on, so taking a BDSM test, you need to set your mind to see a lot of questions that will help you determine your BDSM level. This is not the kind of regular test for a particular sickness or ailment. Like being mentioned above, it's a test for fun and meant to educate you on knowing how active you are in BDSM activities. Now the following are similar questions you could encounter whenever you decide to take the test. Note that you would meet more questions than these ones, just loosen up and answer the questions to your best understanding of yourself.

1.       Would you like to be dominated, especially during sexual activities?

2.       Would you allow other people to engage in sexual activities with your partner if you can't meet up with their sexual desires?

3.       Would you love to have sex with different people at the same time?

4.       Do you often like to degrade your partner sexually?

5.       Would you love your partner to swallow your body fluids like piss, squirts or cum during sex?

6.       Do you like tieing up your partner during sexual activities?

7.       Do you exhibit animalistic traits during sex?

8.       Do you love inflicting pain on your partner during sex?

9.       Do you feel aroused when physically restricted in chains and cuffs during sex?

10.   Would you force your partner into submission during sex or allow them to submit willingly?

These are some of the likely questions you are bound to encounter during your BDSM test. Now that you have seen a glimpse of what is ahead, you now rest assured that the BDSM test is something that would be fun and entertaining and at the same time teaching you what you don't really know about yourself. So don't delay anymore go online and take your own test today. Discover your unlimited potential in the sexual world and rule your own world as the lord.