When I Tried BDSM With My Teen Girlfriend

BDSM with her. She never ceases to ask for more of the BDSM play with me, she craves for it and it shows in her eyes that and she would never forget the day she had the experience. She body sweated out from the deep, she held on tight and kept biting and moaning in pleasure in this new found method I tried with her. I was quite happy I actually did. I was happy I stumbled on the video and now I'm was quite excited my trial on her went well. Now I got my dominance back, not only that, I feel an absolute power over her, now I know and I'm convinced that I'm her boss and lord. I wish she knew the joy I felt inside because I always want to be the one that will bring her up to the level of sexual pleasure that she had already attained. So that particular day is unforgettable and it's already narrated in my secret diary.

She is of an average height, innocent round face and a deep blue tiny eyes that spells nothing but love and pleasures. Her body frame reminds me of a coca-cola bottle and her curves is a perfect shape of the number "8". She is in her early 20s and at that age, she has known no one sexually apart from me. She is always good but anytime we spend in the bedroom is just as normal and just like a routine and I never knew it could be better. Though she was always satisfied I always wish I could make her climb more than that height.

My curiosity for ways of making her sexual pleasure go higher than the usual way shot up when I started hearing my friends and colleagues discussing BDSM taking about how they had tried it on their partners and how they have found extra fun and pleasure in it. Yes, I knew about BDSM but I was scared of trying this out with her because I felt a normal human in his or her right senses wouldn't have allowed such BDSM activity in their sexual life so I kept it far from my teen girlfriend. At the moment my colleagues stated discussing it I went back to the particular site I saw my first BDSM video, bzporno.com. Actually, a friend sent this link on me and said I can explore it at my leisure. So, my first watch was a BDSM scene which was like a scary movie to me. Now, I went back on that site and searched for the keyword BDSM. To my surprise, I got a whole lot of videos in that category so I decided to see a few of them.

To my greatest surprise, I was captivated this time by what I saw, sexual pleasures in bonds, spanking, and whipping of the ass, dick, and pussy sucking in bonds, having sex in bonds and so on. I felt a new chill running down my spine as goosebumps covered my body. I became lost at first, suddenly, my teen girlfriend flashed into my mind and I started thinking of ways to make her try this with me. She looks calm and gentle. I feel she might not want to go that far with me and I actually want whatever she wants. But this time I had a feeling that she might really love and accept this because I love it and she almost loves everything I love too. So I waited for a special day to take BDSM on with her.

Just as I planned, two weeks later, it was her birthday. Already, I had bought some kind of bonds and hid it in my bedroom just in case she accepts then I would not have any excuse. That day came, we went out and had enough fun, but all through the day, I was wondering how to start the BDSM talk and action with her. Will she accept? Will she see me like I'm getting worse? Will she just walk away? Different questions went across my mind. When we got home afterward, she told me she would be spending the night with me. I was so highly excited.

At night in my bedroom, we talked and got naughty. We started kissing, smooching and caressing freely. We went so deep in the romance with each other and at a point, I started sucking her pussy while she sucked my dick in a 69 position. The pleasure got going even more than usual, so I told her to allow me to tie both hands and suck her more, she accepted and I immediately flew under my bed brought out the cuffs and safely tied her hands against the bed. Her eyes shone with surprise but she pleasure could not allow her to say anything. I went on to bind her both feet too and this time I suck and spanked her ass a bit. She was loving it and I was so happy I could do this without any discussion. I bought a soft whip so I lashed her gently and she moaned. I started introducing a kind of activities I saw on the BDSM video I watched and it went down well. I got to understand that in pain, torture, and suffering she had the most orgasm she never had before. My joy knew no bound as she just kept on squirting and was too high in pleasure that I felt true dominance inside of me. As this was my first time trying BDSM, I had more experience because this I had been privileged to watch some tutorial videos on the mentioned site above. So, I guided her through easily I tried my best to make sure the handcuffs and leg chains were not hurting and for the first time she had her first anal sex. I first tried this out with a dildo and after some time I was able to insert my dick straight into her ass hole and she who was never a fan of anal sex, accepted it with joy and pleasure even though it was so painful. I guess the mix orgasm she got made her pass through it all.

 I also told her to try all I did on her and she accepted. I had cuffs on both hands and feet and she carried out a sensual and sexual operation on me that sent me into the heavens. That was one the first day I had a different feeling and she later confessed to me that she had never been in so much pleasure before in all her life. I was actually happy it was me that made that happened to her.

Till date, she would want to have it the BDSM way and I really got to know that everyone loves reaching the heights even in sexual activities. That was how I was able to have BDSM with my teen girlfriend.