My Bondage Slave Experience I Had

It's been over three (3) weeks now and the experience, pleasure, and thrills are still very fresh. That day when I got home I jumped on the bed and for the first time in many years I had a good sleep and dreamt well. What else would I had asked for than the pleasurable moments and adventure of the bondage slave my man put me through. At first, it was so weird and at a point, I got so overwhelmed. Aside from the pains I passed through the day I got deflowered, I never knew that there are kinds of pain that could heighten sexual pleasures and make one moan in excitement. I have heard so much about bondage slave but never had I had a chance to experience it. I totally surrendered myself to all the torture because I had a deeper sensation and pleasure inside my woman body and I was not actually myself. I had never been so satisfied.

On that fateful day, I felt so horny and I decided to visit my man at his place. When I got there I did not even wait for him to say a word, I jumped on him and started dishing out my feelings on him. He was not surprised because that was me and he was used to it all. When I was back to myself he sat me down and told me about taking me to another level of sexual pleasure that I had never reached before. My eyes lit up with fire and strong passion to know what he was talking about. He made me know that it's a special package for me, I giggled and coughed a bit feeling he is up again with his funny pranks. 

Still putting on my undies and beginning to feel horny again I went closer to him. This time around he grabbed me and tied my both hands behind my back forcing me to lay on my chest with my big ass pointing upwards making the mouth of my vagina open wide and I felt like something is going to enter through it and come down my throat. He didn't just stop there, he tied me both legs either ways and now my vagina started feeling air coming into it then I was left helpless and longing for his dick to come into me and dig out my vagina walls. Instead, he spanked me severally and often he grabbed my ass after few spanks. I felt the spark in me but all through I felt so helpless but I totally submitted to the torture and pain because I had was having a high climax and felt like a hot liquid coming out from my vagina. I cry and moan in joy because I was really feeling so good and my mood heightened. He pushed me over and I fell to my back helplessly making my both legs to spread wide open and this time I felt the liquid rushing out of my vagina as he bent low to suck my clitoris.

Still helpless and all I could do was moan in pain and torture. Before when he sucks my clitoris before now I was able to hold his head rub my hands on him and do anything I want to do with his body while he sucks my clit. But now I have no chance to even touch his head nor his hair. I was almost screaming aloud in pleasure. Then I realized the meaning of bondage slave because I was only doing forced to submit to whatever he wants to do on me. But the fact was, I was enjoying it all the way. I was just wondering how to get hold of his huge dick when he brought it to my mouth and I sucked it as I had never sucked a dick in my entire life. I had the fire in me to do it with an extraordinary passion and flame inside of me. He fucked my mouth and I had my mouth filled up with his dick. Though helpless and bound, I was quite happy I came to his place at the right time. After doing this for few minutes he went back beneath me and inserted his finger into my vagina going straight for my g-spot. He struck the spongy thing and fingered it so bad that I felt like blowing up added to the fact that I can't free myself the pleasure increased rapidly and I was going crazy not knowing if I was crying or moaning. I squirted and squirted. Just as he was busy fingering my g-spot he spanked my ass. The pleasure was so unmeasurable.

Now to the very main thing I had been waiting for, he stopped fingering and slipped his dick into my vagina and I went off for a few seconds. I came back with a deep breathe and moan just so loud that he had to look up at me and came to kiss me and play with my breast a bit before he gave me a hard fuck of my life. At a point, he loosened me up a bit and set me in a position that got my ass almost bending over to my head and he continued with that and each time he trusts in I could feel his dick brush against my g-spot directly. After a while, gave me a hard spank and I felt something rushing right inside of me and I knew I had reached the climax of it all. He removed his dick, released me from the bondage and I gained back my freedom. He then asked me to suck his dick. I grabbed it and sucked the hell out of it. Suddenly he shot into the air a thick whitish liquid and when it landed on me I felt the hotness and I was amazed by it all. We were both sweating and had to go into the bathroom together and I was just happy all through the day.